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  • @DrunkWolfArt Doesn't matter as i am likely to fall asleep within 10minutes of any film these days!11 hours ago
  • RT @BBCMOTD: So, Everton's pre-season friendly got a bit silly today. 😮😮 #GoalsGoalsGoals days ago
  • RT @thechicoazul: Everton have scored more goals in Marco Silva’s first 52 minutes (13) than they managed in the last 11 games of Sam Allar…4 days ago
  • RT @ChrisMcPhaiI: It’s alive! It’s alive! 🙌🏻 days ago


SIZE Matters

SIZE Matters is an exhibition of small works at The World of Glass curated by Hannah Billinge. My piece "Kings Bill" is a digital collage piece produced in photoshop from several elements. Framed, it is sized…

Free Art Friday St.Helens

A regular weekly activity for me now this Free Art Friday lark. Along with a group of local artists we respond to a weekly subject matter heavily based around local news. Mainly twitter based, each artist responds by tweeting their weekly Free Art Friday drop with the two main hashtags #FreeArtFriday and #WeArtTheResponse alongside the weekly themed hashtag. Check out more @WATResponse  (more…)

We Art The Response

Over the past few weeks i have got involved with a local group of artists called We Art The Response to take part in local #FreeArtFriday projects based around St.Helens news (Its very local). Time scale on these projects can vary from a couple of days to a single night. Below are the first two i was asked to get involved with. (more…)

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